Adjust Your Sleep for Spring!

Spring means warmer weather, increased sunlight, and also Daylight Saving Time. As spring approaches, we need to adjust our sleep. Learn how to do so by reading on.

Sleeping on Mattress

Daylight Saving Time means we “spring forward” an hour. When moving our clocks up an hour, we are losing an hour of sleep. We are also experiencing darker mornings and brighter evenings. All of these factors can affect our sleep schedule, but there are ways to adjust.

The first tip is to go to bed an hour earlier on the evening of Daylight Saving Time. This way, you will not lose that hour of sleep. You will also be able to better adjust to this sleep schedule by getting a head start. Every day, strive to go to bed earlier. Start with 15 minutes, then 30, then 45, and finally you’ll reach the one hour mark to be back on track.

The next tip may be difficult, but we recommend you avoid hitting that snooze button. By forcing yourself to wake up, your body, brain, and immune system will be able to transition into the time change much smoother.

Finally, steer clear of caffeine the day before Daylight Saving Time. Caffeine may make it difficult for you to fall asleep and wake up the following morning. Increasing this difficulty could mess up your sleep trajectory for the next several evenings.

Another way to adjust your sleep for spring is by getting a new mattress. Consider a new mattress for the most comfortable sleep possible. At ON Sleep Mattress, our products are designed to be as cozy and accommodating as possible. Browse our furniture and mattresses on our website, or visit us at our storefront at 4281 Clark Road in Sarasota. We hope to see you here soon!